Bonus Level

Here are some games and other things that I think are interesting but couldn’t fit into the syllabus.

Idle No More: Blockade (Chelsea Vowel)

A game about indigenous land defenders and combating negative stereotypes

The Cat and the Coup (Peter Brinson and Kurosh ValaNejad)

A documentary puzzle game about the life of the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran, Dr. Mohammed Mossadegh

Nawlz (Stu Campbell aka Sutu)

Interactive comic book/cyberpunk adventure

Sissy’s Magical Ponycorn Adventure (Cassie and Ryan)

Adventure game created by 5-year old Cassie and her dad at a weekend game jam

Façade (Procedural Arts)

Interactive drama, an artificial intelligence-based art/research experiment in electronic narrative

Even Cowgirls Bleed (Christine Love)

Twine shooter/browser game/tragic Western

Death of the Augnob (Jake Clover)

Space exploration and weird environments

Become a Great Artist in Just 10 Seconds (Andi McClure & Michael Brough)

Art creation tool

Coming Out Simulator 2014 (Nicky Case)

A semi-biographical semi-fictional game about coming out

Secret Habitat (Strangethink)

Procedural art gallery simulator

Papers Please (Lucas Pope)

A game about immigration and border control

Dwarf Fortress (Tarn & Zach Adams)

Extremely complex, open-ended simulation game

Dream Warrior (Paloma Dawkins & YlangYlang)

Explore surreal dreamscapes

American Dream (Terry Cavanagh, Jasper Byrne, Tom Morgan-Jones, Stephen Lavelle)

Make more money, buy more stuff, become a millionaire

Realistic Kissing Simulator (Jimmy Andrews & Loren Schmidt)

Game about kissing and consent

How Do you Do It (Nina Freeman, Emmett Butler, Jon Kittaka, Deckman Coss)

A portrait of a young girl exploring sexuality

Slave of God (Stephen Lavelle)

Night club simulator (seizure warning)

Thirty Flights of Loving (Blendo Games)

First person vignette game

Simicity 3000 – Magnasanti (Vincent Oscala)

The perfect city

A Night in the Woods (Amy Dentata)

First person exploration game with a rich narrative subtext

Depression Quest (Zoe Quinn)

An interactive nonfiction about living with depression

Proteus (Ed Key, David Kanaga)

Explore a musical island

Dear Esther (thechineseroom)

A mysterious island tied to a fragmented, poetic narrative (originally a mod for Half-Life 2)

Bernband (Tom van den Boogaart)

A city exploration game

Curtain (Llaura Merriglitch)

Lo-fi narrative about destructive relationships

Aviary Attorney (Sketchy Logic)

Point-and-click adventure game about justice set in 19th century Paris

Outer Wilds (Mobius Digital Games)

First person space exploration in an endless time loop

Her Story (Sam Barlow)

A full-motion video (FMV) detective game

Farsh (Mahdi Bahrami)

Persian carpet rolling puzzle game

Oxenfree (Night School Studio)

A supernatural thriller about a group of friends who unwittingly open a ghostly rift

Night in the Woods (Infinite Fall)

Adventures of a college dropout who returns to her hometown

Magical Girl Disorder (Gabrielle Barboteau, Julie Robert, Camille Giraudeau et Julien Laguerre) 

Convince a team of magical girls to fight together and save the world

Post/Capitalism (Colestia)

Build a socialist utopia out of the ashes of late capitalism

Nova Alea (Molleindustria) 

A game about gentrification

Hair Nah (Momo Pixel)

Travel game about a black woman who is tired of people touching her hair

Bury Me, My Love (The Pixel Hunt, Figs)

Follow a Syrian refugee on a dangerous journey

Forest Ambassador (Merritt Kopas)

A curatorial project highlighting unusual and interesting games

Warp Door

Another great place to find interesting games



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